Dr. Gay Ben Tré
Holistic East-West Telehealth

Covid 19 Alert! In these uncertain times, Dr. Gay will work with you and your child to raise your natural immunity with a custom protocol of Creative Wellness Actions.

Learn Creative Wellness Actions including

  • Guided self-stimulation of acupuncture points with magnets, pressure, and light

  • Mindfulness and use of cutting-edge Mind/Body Energy healing tools

  • Recommendations for herbal medicine and homeopathy

  • Nutritional supplementation including custom prenatal and supplements for methylation


In Order To

  • Replace stress, insomnia, chronic anxiety and fatigue with energy and well-being

  • Mitigate your disruptive chronic symptoms or autoimmune disorder

  • Protect your brain function and enhance your memory

  • Build your bones, balance your hormones and support your fertility

  • Identify specific lifestyle habits and nutrition to promote optimal health

  • Bypass inherited weaknesses, promote injury recovery and build performance

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Holistic Telehealth for

Many of the most common, costly, debilitating, chronic and challenging diseases or conditions people are suffering today do not have a single cause. Instead, they are caused and exacerbated by multiple contributing factors.

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Autoimmune Disorders

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Memory Disorders

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Pre and Peri Menopause

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Unexplained Infertility


What Patients Say

I really feel that the work we have done together has made all the difference in this pregnancy. I am no longer depressed, my thinking is clear and I have lots of energy. The morning sickness that kept me in bed for the first five months disappeared after your treatment, and I am actually enjoying being pregnant!

Janice K.


"If you have a vision for your health but haven’t achieved it yet, let’s partner to discover the Creative Wellness Actions that will best serve you."

Dr. Gay Ben Tré