Telehealth For Children


As a parent, you naturally want to provide for your child’s wellbeing and success. When you observe or intuit that your child is struggling with a problem and needs extra help, the challenge is to find the right solutions at the right time. Although your pediatrician offers important support, many times conventional medicine doesn’t provide the solutions your child needs and you have to look farther. And, because of your own beliefs or experience, you may prefer to use a more holistic and natural approach. Or you’re just stuck with NO solutions or relief in sight!


Dr. Gay works with parents who are seeking answers and resources for growth and developmental challenges, anxiety, life transitions, immune disorders, birth or injury traumas, digestive disorders or problems for which you can’t get a diagnosis even though you’ve been to the doctor and/or done your research.


Telehealth for Children requires that Dr. Gay coaches you, the primary caregiver, in delivering what your young child or baby needs. If you have an older child or teen, depending on the individual and circumstances, Dr. Gay will work with you and/or communicate directly with them with your supervision.


Possible Creative Wellness Actions include guided acupressure stimulation, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrigenomic supplementation, and referrals, when appropriate, to other practitioners and modalities of treatment.


Partnering with Dr. Gay to care for your precious child is empowering for both you and your child!