Use Your Genetic Profile To Create Health
Through Personalized Nutritional Supplementation

"The field of Nutrigenomics is the study of how natural products and supplements can interact with particular genes to decrease the risk of diseases and postpone aging."
Dr. Amy Yasko, Feel Good: Nutrigenomics, Your Roadmap to Health.

Nutrigenomics can be used to achieve these Health Goals:

  • Enhance athletic and intellectual performance

  • Create resilience (the ability to bounce back) from mental, emotional, and physical stress, including environmental toxin exposure

  • Counter the negative side effects of medications

  • Postpone aging and bypass the negative effects of heredity by boosting cellular growth and repair and lowering risk factors

  • Balance mood and mental states by calming anxiety, focusing concentration, relieving depression and insomnia

  • Balance hormone levels, enhance fertility and correct reproductive organ function

  • Protect the brain and prevent degeneration caused by heredity, inflammation, and aging

  • Impact the progression and reverse effects of chronic diseases that are influenced by diet including: autoimmune, cardiovascular and neurological disorders, thyroid dysfunction, chronic infections, allergies, arthritis, leaky gut, sleep disorders, anxiety, skin conditions, fatigue

Nutrigenomics is for People who:

  • Are already committed to a healthy lifestyle and are looking for the edge to take their well-being to the next level

  • Have been going from doctor to doctor, suffering with chronic disease symptoms without finding lasting relief

  • Can see early signs of brain decline and feel helpless to stop that decline

  • Are struggling with hormone imbalance and infertility, miscarriage or pre and post partum depression

  • Suffer from fatigue, anxiety, or insomnia

  • Already have their genetic profile and want help creating a personalized nutrition program

Today, the opportunity to create your customized nutrition program is made possible with affordable genetic profiling provided by 23andMe and similar services. Dr. Gay will work with you to interpret your genome to create and implement your individual nutritional program.

"By understanding our nutritional needs, our nutritional status and our genotype, nutrigenomics should enable individuals to manage better their health and well-being by precisely matching their diets and their unique genetic make-up."
National Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at U. of California, Davis.