Photo Biomodulation: Light Therapy


Photo Biomodulation or low level laser light therapy has a forty year medical history of safe use in healing soft tissue damage with rapid effect.

The therapeutic effects of LLLT are associated with a photochemical response, not with a heating response (surgical laser). Dr. Gay uses her Class IIIB Luminex medical laser to remodel scar tissue and speed up healing of traumatized musculoskeletal tissue.

In addition, Dr. Gay is now using the medical laser for cellular pathway signaling.

This rapid, painless, non-invasive therapy employs specific frequencies of light in the near infrared spectrum to stimulate or inhibit a wide variety of cellular processes, including regeneration of damaged cells in neuronal disorders, affecting metabolic syndromes and enhancing functioning at the cellular, organ, and musculoskeletal levels.

There is a rapidly growing body of research focused on explaining these effects.