Genetic Data: 23andME

Anyone can order a 23andMe kit, over the counter via their website:


Once you receive the kit, you must submit a saliva sample which is used for the test.


23andMe is collecting genetic data from thousands of people and when you order the kit, you will be asked for various permissions to use your genetic profile in their data collection. There are all levels of participation possible and you can decide at what level of sharing you are comfortable.


Once you receive your report, if you want to have the raw data sorted for specific genes, you will have to contact another site for the sorting. If you only want to have the methylation cycle genes sorted you can have that done for free at

This service does not store your information so you will need to save it yourself for future reference.

If you want a more complete genetic profile sorting, including methylation cycle genes, you can pay a minimal fee to

This service does store your information and sends periodic updates of research on specific genes that may be of interest to you.

If you want Dr. Gay to consult with you on your genetic profile and methylation cycle, please email your sorted profile once you have a coaching appointment.