Dr. Gay's Fertility Solution

How to get pregnant fast and have your healthy baby!


Do you wonder what's wrong with you that you can't get pregnant?
Or why you’ve miscarried?
Do you fear that if you don't get pregnant soon, it will be too late?
Do you want to get pregnant more than anything?
Are you ready to try a new approach to getting pregnant?

For more than three decades, Dr. Gay has specialized in supporting the health of women and children, from her beginnings as a nurse in neonatal intensive care and obstetrics to her current private holistic medicine practice.

Doctor of Acupuncture, Registered Nurse, Energy Healer and Master Herbalist, Dr. Gay bridges conventional Western with Alternative and Complementary Medicine to create a truly holistic approach to meeting the unique healthcare needs of her clients.

Her treatment strategies stand alone or can be incorporated safely into Assisted Reproductive Technology to support a positive outcome. Dr. Gay’s Fertility Solution, along with her other specialized health programs, is based on her vast medical knowledge and clinical expertise.

Dr. Gay has developed her Fertility Solution in response to the needs of a special group of clients who are close to her heart: women who desperately want to become mothers.

Dr. Gay’s personal experience with infertility and her 4 year long struggle to become pregnant and birth her son, now 32, have inspired her to develop her step by step personalized program to assist other women to confidently achieve the motherhood they so desire!

Some of the benefits Dr. Gay’s clients experience are:

  • Crystal clarity about what steps you must take to become a mother

  • Optimal health and hormonal balance for conception and pregnancy

  • Calmness, connection and peace with your body

  • Feeling sexy and enjoying intimacy again


Women that benefit most from Dr. Gay's Fertility Solution are:

  • 30 to 49 years of age who have focused on building careers and are now concerned that their window of opportunity to have a baby is closing

  • Struggling to get pregnant without success

  • Experiencing recurrent miscarriages

  • Preparing for IVF or other Artificial Reproductive Technology and want to dramatically increase the likelihood of success

  • Seeking natural therapies to optimize their fertility and support a healthy pregnancy

  • Already have children but would like to have another before it’s too late