Irlen™ Color Intervention is non-invasive.

The Irlen™ Method utilizes Irlen™ Colored Overlays and Irlen™ Spectral Filters.

Although there are other colored glasses and overlays available, Irlen™ is the original creator of color treatments for perceptual processing difficulties and the Irlen™ Method is backed by 30 years of scientific research.

Not all colors are created equal! Interestingly, it has been shown that when left to choose a color by themselves, people almost always choose the wrong color!

With over 100,000 possible custom colors, the key to the Irlen™ Method is individualized, precision tinting and the in-depth diagnostic protocol used to identify the specific tint your brain needs.

The Irlen™ Center of New England offers screening to determine if Irlen™ Color Intervention can be of help to you.

Once the initial screening is performed and it is determined that your brain will benefit from Color Intervention, the next step is the in-depth diagnosis to identify the specific tint needed by your brain. This specific tint can then be incorporated into custom lenses for your fashion frames or your contact lenses.