Do You Need Custom Prenatal Supplements?

Your Goldilocks Solution!

The Importance of Mom's Diet:

During the first 9 months of life in utero, achieving timely developmental milestones is critical to Baby's health, insuring Baby's ability to survive the birth process and live outside the womb. In order to achieve the milestones, Baby must be provided with adequate amounts of essential nutrients. When Mom's diet isn't sufficient for her own use as well as Baby's growth and cellular activity, there will be a negative impact on the development and functioning of the Baby's digestive track, the nervous system and brain, in particular. And at the end of 9 months, adequate essential nutrients are required by both Mom and Baby to help guarantee a successful birth. These essential nutrients allow DNA signaling to cause the release of the hormones needed before, during and after the birth process.

But there's a wrinkle:
If Mom is one of the estimated 20% to 50% of Americans who have mutations in their Methylation genes, she will be unable to adequately break down certain foods for use by herself and by Baby. Even if she eats well and takes a prenatal supplement, certain nutrients will be undersupplied to both her and Baby. An additional twist: Recent research is pointing out that when Mom has the Methylation gene mutations, use of prenatal supplements may actually create toxicity, resulting in the very kinds of problems they were intended to prevent!

Your Goldilocks Solution! custom prenatals insure that you and your Baby won't get too much, nor too little-but rather just the right amount of essential nutrients for you and your Baby.


Supporting Mom:
Signaling of Mom's DNA, resulting in critical hormonal changes, is dependent on essential nutrients, too. Mom's fertility, the complex sequence of events involved in conception, implantation, full term pregnancy, efficiency of labor and ease of delivery, as well as post partum mood and milk production can be jeopardized when Mom isn't getting the right nutrients.

Pay Particular Attention:
If Mom has a personal or family history of infertility, recurrent miscarriage, hyperemesis gravidarium, preeclampsia, prolonged or induced labor, or premature birth, there is a likelihood that her Methylation genes aren't working effectively. The good news is that many of these complications can be prevented by compensating with the right Nutrigenomic supplements.

Baby's Development:
Some symptoms of Baby's interrupted or delayed fetal development due to lack of essential nutrients include: An immature/underdeveloped intestinal track leading to colic, food allergies and sensitivities, irritability and fussiness, disrupted sleep, Neural tube defects, autism, and delays in learning, muscle coordination and acquisition of speech.

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