Miscarriage, Difficult Birth


Healing is available for the trauma and distress of past or recent miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, and difficult birth (including C-section and prolonged labor).

Using acupuncture, light therapy, targeted nutritional supplements and energy medicine, Dr. Gay will help you to quickly and gently let go of the past so that your mind and body is restored to health.

Research is confirming that during this vulnerable time period, the mother's trauma and distress can negatively imprint her children. Not only you, but also your children will benefit from your complete healing!

Mothers experiencing post partum depression, unresolved pelvic pain, and challenges to Infant-Mother bonding will be supported with herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, light therapy and acupuncture for hormone balancing and stress relief.

C-section scar tissue remodeling to restore normal functioning is easy and painless with photo biomodulation/light therapy to the incision site and can be done even years after the birth.