With Photo Biomodulation

This therapy is focused on extinguishing any unwanted repetitive behavior such as smoking, nervous eating, tics, and tremors. Although in some cases, the behavior may originally have been a conscious choice, it is no longer controllable.

The stimulus driving the behavior has been repeated frequently enough that a feedback loop between the hypothalamus (which first responds to the stimulus) and the motor cortex in the brain (which initiates the behavior) is established. This feedback loop operates outside of conscious control and the behavior is reinforced by a chemical reward (i.e. neurotransmitters). The challenge is to interrupt the feedback loop.

Once a feedback loop is identified, a 5mw (pointer) laser is programmed by computer to carry certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy in the visible wave spectrum of light. By moving the laser briefly and repeatedly over the area of the motor cortex (top of the skull), these frequencies of light signal the photosensory molecules in the cells of the motor cortex. When received, the frequencies trigger changes in cellular behavior.

The Client is instructed in proper use of the laser for self treatment at home. Length of treatment until the habitual behavior is extinguished varies among individuals from days to a few months.