Treatment Of Chronic Anxiety, Phobias, Allergies:


Chronic anxiety is most often initiated by an overwhelming experience or event that leaves an imprint or memory in the brain and nervous system. If not adequately sorted out, future experiences and events may then inappropriately serve to trigger anxiety. This response may be exacerbated by a mutation (SNP) in one or more of several genes that would normally help "reset" the nervous system and detox the stress hormones and neurotransmitters that are released in response to the experience or event.

In addition, when the hormones and neurotransmitters are not quickly and efficiently detoxed, the aroused system can continue to learn and expand the memory by association. Usually allergies and phobias are learned associations that serve to forewarn threatening experiences and events, accompanied by unpleasant or disturbing symptoms.

Recent animal studies have demonstrated that if the experience or event presents a great enough threat, those same genes, even without mutations, will be epigenetically signaled so that the detox of hormones and neurotransmitters is guaranteed to be abnormally slow. The apparent advantage of this epigenetic response is to insure that the memory of the experience or event is not forgotten or extinguished and a heightened responsiveness can be passed on to multiple subsequent generations.

In humans, who are wired for danger avoidance, this inherited memory would provide an evolutionary survival advantage. Unfortunately, this heightened alertness can cause an inappropriate response to situations in normal daily life and result in troubling avoidant behaviors and unpleasant physical symptoms.

A key component in treating anxiety disorder is rectifying the methylation cycle with nutrigenomic supplementing. Adequate methylation will have two benefits. First, the genetic and epigenetic signals can be silenced, even in someone with gene mutations (SNPs) and second, the hormones and neurotransmittors will be more effectively and quickly detoxed.

Chinese Herbal medicine, effective control of blood sugar, and Mind/Body treatment modalities are also effective in signaling the brain and nervous system to extinguish the aversive response and detox the system.


Please see Epigenetics and the Methylation Cycle