I went to Dr. Gay on the recommendation of a friend because I was noticing increasing forgetfulness (senior moments?), brain fog, and although I've always been a voracious reader and belong to two book clubs, I was cutting back my reading because of mental fatigue.

These symptoms are not only upsetting on their own but they are especially worrisome to me because my mother and three of her siblings had early Altzheimer's and I was told that I have inherited "helper" genes for Altzheimer's.

I have been working with Dr. Gay for six months and my brain is definitely clearing up. I receive acupuncture, take Chinese herbs, and have added a few supplements to my diet that she identified I need to help compensate for my genes.

Dr. Gay also directed me to using binaural sound therapy and guided meditations to help calm my brain. I am very grateful to be improving and intend to continue with Dr. Gay's program.

Laura G.

I am back from my trip and wanted to thank you for your help with my airplane phobia. I flew down and back with just a little bit of anxiety. It was great!

I couldn't have done it without your help! I went with just my daughter and had a relaxing enjoyable time. Thanks again! Your work is amazing and has changed my travel experience!

Rebecca C.

I was referred to Dr. Gay by my OBGYN because I wanted a second child and was unable to get pregnant after 18 months of trying. Dr. Gay helped identify the problem as being trauma from the birth of my first child. Using her special process (3 R?), she helped me understand what had happened to me and get over it. Two months later, I got pregnant. On top of that, my husband recently pointed out that the severe migraines I was experiencing completely stopped after my visit with Dr. Gay. So now I have my baby and a year later, I am still migraine free.

Sarah W.

Wow! I have been thinking of nothing but our session since I was powerful and clearly healing. Stopped at the health food store & got the supplements you recommended for insomnia. I am feeling all this new energy. I guess the ghosts of incest are gone!

Dawn F.

I just wanted to let you know what a profound change I have experienced since my treatment for chronic disabling migraines on February 28. First, absolutely no more headaches. But more importantly I have experienced a sense of lightness and ease like I have not had in many years. At some point I'd love to have another treatment as needed. Right now I'm in a balanced place.

Thank you so much for your intuition and insights.

Kathy S.

Dr. Gay helped me identify what was causing the recurring ear infections that my six year old was experiencing. Dr. Gay prescribed an pediatric herbal formula and showed me how to help him "tap" on his upsetness. His ears got better quickly without antibiotics. Since then, when his ears start to hurt, I know what to do and it works.

Edith W.

I started seeing Dr. Gay after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I wanted to help myself in every way possible to survive. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation and her acupuncture and energy treatments were incredibly helpful in keeping me calm, staying focused on recovery and minimizing side effects, especially nausea, pain, and fatigue.

After the surgery and radiation, she used laser acupuncture to release scar tissue adhesions forming under my arm and above my breast that were painful and distorting. She also prescribed Chinese herbs to decrease the side effects of chemo. Throughout my ordeal, Dr. Gay helped me process my emotions and supported my mind and body.

Diane D.

The week before my due date, my doctor told me that my blood pressure was elevated and that if I didn’t go into labor in the next few days, he wanted to induce it medically. I was very upset and scared because I had done everything right during my pregnancy and planned to give birth naturally. I found Dr. Gay through a friend and in one visit, she brought my blood pressure down to normal and calmed me down. My blood pressure stayed down and three days later I gave birth to my daughter completely naturally, just as I had dreamed I would!

Dana R.

I came to Dr. Gay for help with headaches, tinnitus and episodes of vertigo. She used ear acupuncture, laser detox treatments and I took Chinese herbs for three months.

By then all these symptoms were gone. To my surprise, my long term brain fog and feelings of depression were also gone! I couldn't be more pleased with these results and I highly recommend Dr. Gay.

Barbara C.

I originally went to Dr. Gay for help with chronic and often severe hand/arm eczema, stress, and exhaustion.

I am a Massage Therapist and eczema was extremely problematic, making me have to wear gloves at all times, and even then my arms were a real issue. The stress and exhaustion was pushing me to my limits trying to keep up with a 6 month old, a 3 year old, a business and every other "normal" stress that most of us endure. I was overwhelmed in every sense-both physically and emotionally.

Right from the first session with Dr. Gay I felt comfortable and heard. Our work together was truly holistic. She uses every tool in her very well equipped toolbox. From acupuncture to herbs, nutritional advice, homeopathy and working though emotional blocks, the work was transformational and fascinating.

I began to notice changes in the eczema and the suggested changes to my diet along with herbs and a homeopathic remedy began the process of healing my spirit. I had no idea how much our emotions impact our health in ways I would not have been able to discover had I not been blessed to work with this wonderful soul.

Dr. Gay's support in the weaning of my son was a God-send. I cannot tell you how much more I received from our work together then just what I went in for. If you want to get to the root of your issues and have someone support you on your journey to complete wellness, Dr. Gay is the person to see.

Julie A.

"I really feel that the work we have done together has made all the difference in this pregnancy. I am no longer depressed, my thinking is clear and I have lots of energy. The morning sickness that kept me in bed for the first five months disappeared after your treatment, and I am actually enjoying being pregnant!"

Janice K.

After following your instructions and making the changes you identified, (my son) has stopped wetting the bed! It has been three months already with no accidents! He seems much more peaceful, and bedtimes are no longer a struggle. Recently his teacher wrote a note home to say that he is even behaving better at school.

Cara R.

I went to Dr. Gay because I just couldn't lose the 20 lbs. that built up like a rubber tire around my waist after I went through menopause. She tested my hormones and put me on her special herbal tonic for adrenal stress. Not only did I finally lose the 20 lbs., but my skin is brighter, I have more energy, I sleep through the night, and I'm not on edge anymore.

Jude S.

Before I met and started working with Dr. Gay I felt incredible frustration with knowing that the sexual abuse I had experienced as a child was continuing to affect the way I viewed myself, my relationship with my children and more importantly my husband. Through the different modalities that Dr. Gay has used in working with me I am healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. The affects of sexual abuse are so far reaching but what I am so grateful for is that I can truly say, "I'm okay," I am at peace and I feel a freedom inside my soul that I have not felt before and for that I am so grateful. Dr. Gay changed my life!

Mary J.

"Thanks so much for helping me see my past, to embrace and love the person I was and the person I'm becoming. Our sessions were extremely valuable for me. I'm reacting to things very differently now and I feel renewed."

Diane D.

I am 62 years old and I have been following Dr. Gay's osteoporosis repair program for 15 months. I started the program because my primary care doctor wanted me to take Fosamax.

Dr. Gay's program for me included simple changes in my diet, four specific vitamin and mineral whole food supplements, a personalized exercise routine and a Chinese herbal formula to build bones.

When I went for my annual physical I had another scan for bone density. My primary care doctor was very surprised-my bone mass increased 7%, without taking drugs! He said to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working:

Vera J.

Before I found Dr. Gay, I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 ½ years without success. I was told that I had "unexplained infertility" and that my husband and I should look into adopting. I was desperate. After searching everywhere, I found Dr. Gay. Over the next eight months she treated me with herbs, acupuncture, and energy medicine. Dr. Gay gave me hope, and helped me repair my relationship with my husband. (Our sex life had become a joyless duty due to all the stress around conception.) Last December I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, 7 lbs., 8 oz.! I could not be more pleased and I highly recommend Dr. Gay to any woman who is having trouble getting pregnant! She is a miracle worker!

Gaby S.

After three miscarriages, treatment with Dr. Gay not only enabled me to have a healthy, successful pregnancy, but also helped me to heal from the emotional strain associated with recurrent pregnancy loss. It has been so refreshing to work with a practitioner who sees me as a whole being, not just a system of more or less functional body parts. Dr. Gay is a gifted healer, and also an amazing person.

Lucille D.

The aching in my chest/heart has completely lifted. I feel lighter and clear headed. It's a wonderful feeling. Your guidance, and lovely combination of healing modalities are just what I needed at this time. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I will be back. The day after we met the gland was normal again...felt some tingling sensations in the area and put my hand there and it was gone...flat with no swelling. How do great work!

Patricia Y.

"I first came to Dr. Gay to do an intensive 2 day session to look at root causes for my challenge to get pregnant. At that time, I was dealing with the death of both of my parents, the end of an engagement, and desperate efforts to get pregnant: to be a mom and have a family of my own, now that my original family was gone.

I had a LOT going on! And, Dr. Gay was the right person at the right time. Over the past couple of years, I have been challenged, impressed and inspired by her ability to tune in to what is really going on with me, and to explain how thoughts and feelings, and how our families and ancestors impact what is happening with our bodies.

And, she has a wide range of tools to help shift and release the negative things holding us back. Not only is she trained in acupuncture and herbal medicine, her nursing background gives her a unique, qualification for attending to physical issues. But, to me, the real power of Dr. Gay is her intuitive sense of what emotions or old ways of thinking are really the culprit, showing up in a physical challenge. And, she has wonderful techniques and therapies to help release those things.

I have been on an exciting journey to uncover things about myself and my family that have made it a challenge to create a family of my own.

All the way, Dr. Gay has been a personal champion and cheerleader, helping me. She has never wavered in her support. And, while I am not yet a mom, I now have a wonderful, loving mate, who is as eager to have a family as I am.

That is what I truly want, and Dr. Gay helped me clarify that, and clear out any barriers to my ability to receive. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Gay to anyone who seeks true healing of body, mind, spirit and soul."

Valerie T.